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NEW! RAKETA (Ultimate Quick Rocket) – a galactic version of our quick dot game

Quick Dot – very simple small game that tests your reactions and sense of direction

Quick Dot Cross The Line – a different version of the quick dot

Animals Match – card matching with pretty animals

Car Match – card matching with cars

Guess The City – famous world cities quiz

Guess The Car – test your knowledge of popular cars

US Presidents Quiz – Guess all leaders of the United States

British Monarchy Quiz – Guess all Great Britain’s monarchs in history

Guess The Movie – top films quiz

Bayern Munchen Legends Quiz – guess the legendary Bayern player

Real Madrid Legends – can you guess the legendary Los Blancos players

AC Milan Legends – famous Rossoneri players

Football Stadiums Quiz – guess the famous soccer arenas of the world

Food and drinks:

Salmon Recipes – delicious tasty recipes with salmon fish

Sugar Free Desserts Recipes – sweets without sugar

Sweet Potato Recipes – cooking recipes with sweet potatoes

Shrimp Recipes – delicious shrimp meals

Protein Shake Fitness Recipes – how to make 78 awesome protein shakes